How to Boost your PC or Laptop 2021

1.Disable Autostart Applications!

Go to „Taskmanager“, open the tab „Startup“ and hit any apps you do not want to open during the startup and then hit „disable“.

How To Boost Your PC Or Laptop in 2021 - Convert Old To New

2.Disable Notifications You Don't Want!

Type Notifications & actions into the search bar, uncheck „Get tips,tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows“ + any App you don’t need notifications from.


3.Choose A Power Plan!

Every power plan is set to balanced by default, so we gonna change it to a better power plan, type „choose power plan“ in the searchbar, open additional plans and select High Perfomance.

Power Plan

4.Clean Up Your C: Drive To Boost Your System!

Go to my „My PC“ right click on (C:) Drive properties, in General select Disk Cleanup, check  the folder you want to delete and hit clean up system files.

Clean Your Drive

5.Defragment And Optimize (Only For HDD)

Type „Defragment and Optimize“ into the searchbar, select your HDD and hit optimize.


6.Windows Update

To increase the perfomance and stability of your system you must get the latest updated version of windows.

Windows Update

7.Delete Unnecessary Temporary Files

Type „run“ into the searchbar open it up, type „temp“ into the searchbar and delete all files there, if there is something undeleteable leave it there, do the same now with %temp%


8.Paging File Size

Type „advanced settings“ into the searchbar, hit Performance settigns, go to Advanced and check the „Automatically manage paging file size for each drive, hit apply and restart your computer.

advanced system

9.Uninstall Unwanted Apps Or Programs

Type „System“ into the searchbar, open the tab Apps, go to Apps & Features and delete unwanted apps to improve your perfomance.

Unwanted Apps

10.Auto Disk Cleaning

Activate automatic disk cleaning on „Windows 10“, go to settings then storage and enable „Storage Sense“

Auto Disk Cleaning

11.Reduce Run Time Services

Type „run“ into the searchbar and then type msconfig and hit ok, go to Service tab enable hide all Microsoft services and disable Apps you don’t need at the start of your PC.


12.Check For And Remove Virus And Malware

Type „Windows secruity“ into the searchbar, go to the tab „Virus & threat protection“, now open „scan options“ and hit „Full scan“


13.Adjust Visual Effects

Type „advanced settings“ into the searchbar open the Performance Settings, and enable „Adjust for best perfomance“ you can allways change it back.

Adjust Visual Effects

More tips and tricks to: „How to Boost your PC or Laptop 2021“ in the creation.