Graphic Designer Hardware/Accessories 2021

Being a Graphic Designer can be expensive, here is my list of Hardware and Accessories I use daily for 1-2 years without a day off , I’m happy with it and can recommend to 100%

100% recommend prodcut's!

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BenQ PD2700U 4k Graphic Designer Monitor


If you are looking for a great Monitor for Graphic Design, Video Editing, Animation, Visuals Effects etc. I can 100% recommended you the BenQ PD2700U,  the colorful screen is making your work more attractive to edit and you have settings like the animation mode, I’m very happy with this Monitor and it’s definitely perfect for Graphic Designers.

My Graphic Designer Hardware/Accessories 2021

AMD Ryzen 5 or above


You should at least get a AMD Ryzen 5 CPU if you want to start being a Graphic Designer and work with Blender, Photoshop, After Effects etc. if you want something better then you should get a Amd Ryzen 9 CPU starting at 499€, I’m owning a Ryzen 5 3600x so I can recommended it 100% for beginners.

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series


The GeForce RTX 3070-3090 are enthusiast-class graphics cards by NVIDIA and the perfect upgrade for Blender Artist’s, 3D Artists and Graphic Designers, if you want to build a workstation then you should get a 3090, if you just starting out a 3080 is perfect.

Mx Master 3


The perfect mouse for Graphic Design and Computer work you can edit the gestures in the Logitech Options software for Blender, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Sony Vegas and many more ability to work faster and smoother,fits perfect in your hand, no more strg+c strg+v, a good mouse for your wrist since I got osteoarthritis I can say that to 100% and recommended this product.

Corsair K57


The keyboard I used to learn Blender from scratch, you need a keyboard with RGB if you work in the late night or when it’s winter and it’s getting dark earlier then Blender can render then you got a problem, just kidding but this keyboard is cool you got different options like rainbow LEDs, rain LEDs, LED only when you type something and you got the control of the speed, looks like magic especially at night.

This was the "Graphic Designer Hardware/Accessories 2021" list.

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