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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”



Hello my name is Roberto Restivo and I created WorldofBlender in 2021 as a way for other artists to share their art with the world. I wanted it to be something that was not only fun but also educational so that people could learn about different artists and their art style and work.

The idea of this website is to have an easy way to find everything all around Blender 3D. The site is a one-stop destination for all the 3D needs you have been looking for. It has a list of Plugins/Addons,Textures, Materials, Assets, and Tutorials from some of the best Blender Creators, you will find every Website that posts Blender-related content.

We created a Discord Server for the community and invite you to join us! We have channels for all kinds of topics from Blender tutorials to contests, you can win prizes by joining our weekly challenges and connecting with like-minded artists from all over the world.

The idea of this website is to provide everything you need to know about the Blender 3D software. The site is a one-stop destination for all the 3D needs you have been looking for and to get you easily started as a beginner, share this website if you know someone just who is starting out.

Thank your for reading, appreciate it and if you scroll down you will learn more about me and my journey with Graphic Design!


Graphic Design

I started Graphic Design as a hobby back 11 years ago when I was 15. I had no idea what it was back then, but I loved art and computers so I just went for it. Now 11 years later, I am an enthusiastic and generalist Graphic Designer and have been building up an Instagram Account about the free open-source software Blender 3D with over 100.000 Followers. It was really really hard work to get there and without all the stuff I tested out when I was young, I would never be able to create a Website or even gain that much Followers.

I had my first experience with starting a website when I was 15 years old. I was using WordPress to create the site and it was really easy to use. The only problem was that I didn’t really know what to do with the site after it was created, I even got hacked so it didn’t last very long. But I gained some experience I never thought I could use 10 years later.

I loved working with Photoshop for over 10 years creating Thumbnails, Backgrounds, Logos and editing my Photos, but I was never able to create the designs that I wanted because I loved 3D Art much more then everything else. 

I was always interested in the field of animation, but I never thought that I would be able to work in it. I had a very low-budget computer, I didn’t know Blender and only used the cracked version of Cinema 4D, I was kinda sad about it that I could never afford to create and study 3D Art.

But one day in 2019 I found out about Blender when I saw Adidas and other big companies invested in the software. I was excited to know what Blender is and so I researched it. It turns out that blender is a 3D animation software which can be used by anyone.

The first thing I did was save money for some months I think it was a half year until I could finally get a computer with an RTX 2070 Super Ex to create 3D Art.

In february 2020 I started using this software and I really loved it so much I was skipping sleep way to often.

I was so excited to find out about this program because it seemed like the perfect solution for all my problems! It had everything that Cinema 4D had and even more for free, I couldn’t believe it. After 1 year of working with Blender,I was looking for some free materials to use in my Blender projects and I spent hours surfing the internet. I felt frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t find what I needed.

So I had the idea to create this Website back in April 2021 and that’s when I also created my Instagram Account that now has over 100.000 Followers. 

I can’t express in words how much this journey makes me happy and I’m glad to going it with a very nice, helping and caring community. The fact that you will never be alone in this field and there are always people love to help you out and it makes it easier for us all to become great 3D Artists.

Thank you for reading Roberto Restivo 🙂






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