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Welcome to WorldofBlender Digital Art Is Trend Today Discover Great Art Or Become Yourself An Artist Today!

Blender is an open-source software, available for free. It is used to create 3D animations, visual effects and video games.

Blender has a community of over 2 million users worldwide who share their knowledge and experience to help each other learn the software with the use of tutorials, videos, and web forums.

The community also shares their creations on the Blender Market in order to help each other make money as well as provide support for fellow creators.


"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

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Are you facing a problem with Blender?

Check out one of these pages if you need to solve a problem with Blender:

Solving your Blender problems can be very time-consuming so we hope that this website makes it easier for you!

The Most Important Blender Shortcuts

I’ve been using blender 3d for a while now and I have found some essential important Blender Shortcuts that I want to share with you.

Free Blender Plugins & Addons For Great Assets

We will go through some of the best free plugins and addons for Blender that can help you with great assets like a „Blender Material Addon“ without having to spend too much time on searching and finding them.

Free 3D Models Download Sources

There are many websites that offer 3D models for download. This is a list of the best free 3D models download sources. It should be enough to get you started in your quest for free 3D models.


Interesting Blender Forums And Websites

The forums and websites are home to many Blender artists, there are many websites that offer the latest news, tutorials, tips, and tricks for the software. We have compiled a list of some interesting forums and websites for Blender enthusiasts.

Best Blender Plugins You Have To Try

There are lots of people who have created amazing plugins and blender addons that can be useful. The list below will help you find the some of best plugins for Blender.

Free PBR Materials - Textutes - HDRI's For 3D Art

Materials can be anything from metal, plastic, glass, cloth, or even human skin. This section will provide links to free PBR materials for 3D artists who want to use these resources in their creations.

Best Blender Render Settings

How to set up your Blender rendering? These are the best blender render settings you should use if you want to create a realistic looking 3D model. It will help you understand the fundamentals of the process and what settings to use for best results.

Coming soon...

Blender Minimum System Requirements

Blender has a minimum system requirement of 1 GB RAM, 2.0 Ghz CPU, and OpenGL 2.0+ support.

Coming soon...

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Graphic Design Trends and News

There are many different design trends that we can expect to see in the coming years. We will share all the latest 3D art trends, color Trends 2023, fashion design trends 2023, logo design trends 2023, graphic design trends 2023, color trends 2023. Designers are always looking for new ideas and inspirations. They want to know what is going on in other parts of the world, so they can implement it into their own designs.

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You can share your artwork, get help from other blender artists and learn from them. Join our discord server, to get in touch with like minded people!

Est. April 2021

Hello, I am Roberto Restivo and the founder of World of Blender.

In April 2021 I created WorldofBlender as a way for other artists to share their art with the world. I wanted it to be something that was not only fun but also educational so that people could learn about different artists and their art style and work.


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